About me


It’s me, hi, I’m the author of this blog. Sascha is my name. I am a dreamer, Swiftie, aspiring entrepeneur and a big believer in writing (songs) as a way to make sense of myself and the world around me.

I grew up in a town called Balk, which is tiny and revolves around water sports like sailing and windsurfing, since it’s surrounded by lakes. Lakes in general have a special place in my heart and make me feel at home. My dream house is a lake house.

I have a love for rabbits as well. I have two; Amos and Bobbie (guess where these names come from). Amos is crazy and very extroverted and Bobbie is the responsible, introverted one.

I like people who are truly themselves in the company of others. If that means they are a little weird, then I like them even more. It is hard in this world to not join in on the latest hype, trend and temptation. I am trying.

My dream used to be to become the next Taylor Swift. I’ve been writing and singing songs since I was 14, and there is some proof of that here. I self-published an EP and I am still really proud of that.

Right now I am a aspiring entrepreneur. I have a company that sells digital pregnancy posters. My dreams are still just as big and I won’t ever stop dreaming.

Life is so much better with a little imagination, but don’t let your dreams lift your feet off the ground. Dreams never get realized if you let them stay just that.

I live together with my boyfriend and his cat, mister Pietersen in Groningen, which is a city in the north part of the Netherlands. We are currently renovating a house built in the 1970’s which is a real challenge.

I started this blog because writing clears my mind. I wanted to get in the habit of doing it more. I kept it private first, but, finally decided to just throw it online. Because, why not? Sometimes that’s a good enough reason. Don’t expect any fancy essays or well thought out articles; these are just my scribbly notes on life.

If you read this far, you are awesome and I hope you find some comfort or resemblance in my words.

PS. Want to get in touch? Send me a message: letters@saschaelisah.com