Flowers on a cloudy day

It’s the little things in life isn’t it? He brought home flowers on one of those #@$!, you know, shitty days. I know, I could buy myself flowers, Miley. But, being surprised with flowers is still one of my most favorite things ever. They’ve been sitting next to my computer screen for a couple of days now and they still look just as pretty and keep casually reminding me of my boyfriend’s lovely gesture on Friday. They make me smile.

I love Miley’s new song by the way. And I do relate in some way to the lyrics. So strong and empowering. But, side note, I’m going to say I find some sadness in them as well. In the chorus she sums up all the things that should be fun in a relationship but says she can do them all on her own. I get it and you really can go dancing on your own and buy the flowers yourself, but I don’t know, I’d prefer there was someone dancing with me or someone there to buy the flowers for. To me, these things are part of the charm of being in a relationship and I’d miss them if I were single. I always have.

Being single has its own charm. For example, having an organized house always, a feminine interior, not having to cook huuuge portions of food and not finding single, stinky socks around every corner. Watching Emily in Paris without being judged, no PlayStation and not finding small pieces of hair everywhere except in the sink. Oh, the peacefulness of single life. I’ve loved that life too. But not for the things in Miley’s chorus.

No, I love the flowers most when they come as a surprise, especially on a cloudy day.

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