Keeping life at a comfortable 68°F

I’ve been doing the five day ‘Become Unshakeable’ course by Tony Robbins and if got me thinking about some things in my life. I’ve never looked that much into Tony but what I knew about him came from a few fragments of video’s that I saw on YouTube. I remember seeing a very energetic crowd and a very emotional person on the stage being somewhat instantly healed of all his problems by Tony. I didn’t really understand what was going on and felt it was a bit over-the-top (but maybe that’s just my Dutch, down-to-earth roots). Now, after spending a couple of nights listening to Tony, I understand. Energy equals life and emotion. From a high energy state you’ll feel better and can accomplish so much more. I agree, but find it hard getting into that state. Even standing up and dancing around doesn’t often get me there. So I guess it’s not only a physical state, but also a mindset.

Speaking about mindset, I found one thing Tony said very, very striking and I won’t forget it anytime soon. On day two he was talking about how we all have created a status quo for ourselves. He compared this status to a thermostat. We have all set our own thermostat to certain amount, for example 68°F. This amount is what we always strive to maintain since it has become our comfort zone. When life throws us curveballs, and the temperature suddenly gets below 68°F, we will do everything we can to get it up to that number again. We will get an extra job, work through the night etc. etc. Sometimes our status quo is not even a comfortable position, but it is what we are used to and so, comfortable with. You can be poor, but also find a certain comfort in being poor. I know, sound strange, right? But I can relate so much.

But here comes the mindblowing thing, and I’ll say it in my own words. When life blows the wind in our sails and we get above our own established status quo, meaning, the temperature goes up and life gets ‘better’, we often react in the same way! We do everything to get to that lower number again, that comfortable position. What!? You would think you’d just adjust your thermostat to a higher number, but no, most people don’t, they self-sabotage because change is uncomfortable, even positive change. What you think you want is often not what you really want. Your status quo is the identity that you made up for yourself and this identity pulls you towards it with incredible force. Tony said the only way to change is to change your identity, your belief of who you are and what you deserve.

Mind-blowing right? I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of days. I definitely have beliefs about myself that are getting in the way of change. I say I want certain things, but I do not follow up, because I have not changed my beliefs about myself.

The belief that is mostly preventing me from changing is the belief that I am an average business owner. I can start a company, make some money, but I can never have success, meaning, I can live life comfortably, own the car I want, buy only organic groceries etc. I have tried a couple of times and failed, so that’s probably why this belief slipped in.

Another belief about myself is that I cannot have a fit body. I’ve always compared my own body to that of my Mom and sister, who have always been lighter and smaller. I was always taller and heavier. So, people would always tell me that I am built a different way; ‘it must be different genes’. I believed it, this thing slipped into my identity very early on in my life, but I do realize now it is nonsense. I might have to work a bit harder, mind what I am putting in my body a little bit more, but it is BS that I could not have a fit body.

It’s time for me to redefine who I am, to start changing my beliefs about myself, change the number on my thermostat. Thank you Tony, for this very valuable insight.

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