My tips for getting Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

Hi fellow Swifties! You obviously came to this blog post because you’re looking to get your hands om some highly sought after Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets. Firstly, I just want to say, you got this, don’t panic 🙂 Today was ticket sell day for Amsterdam and because my boyfriend got selected for the ticket sale (I got nothing, didn’t even get waitlisted…), I luckily got my hands on some VIP tickets (It’s a Love Story Package, Yay!!). I searched high and low for tips and tricks all day and by the start of the sale, I was so unsure of everything. My hands were sweaty and were literally trembling as I was purchasing the tickets. With this post I’m hoping to calm you down a bit by telling you what I did to successfully get the tickets I wanted.

Tip no. 1:

Reading my Ticketmaster emails carefully and sticking to their rules

Because these emails tell the only real truth. Advice about refreshing, multiple browser etc. you hear on TikTok, Reddit or whatever is just speculation. You could try it, but you also risk confusing the system and getting put back to the end of the line. In my email it said that the waiting room would open 30 minutes before the sale. I clicked the link in my email on the second of the start of those 30 minutes and just let this tab stay open for the next thirty minutes. I did not refresh the page, let my computer go to sleep or go to any other web page. When the 30 minutes were up, I was smoothly redirected to the ticket sale. I was 13308 in the queue, which was a really good position! It took about 40 minutes before it was my turn. Btw. I read something about using Chrome as a browser was best, so I did that.

Tip no. 2:

I had my access code already copied and ready

I could not find this info anywhere so I’m writing it here. I knew for sure I could not copy/paste my ticket link, but I wasn’t sure if if that was also the case for my access code, which was quite long (11 digits). If I would have to type this manually (with trembling hands), it would have taken me a while. Turns out you are allowed to copy/paste this code. So I recommend having it already copied or just have it ready in your Notes app (or somewhere on your computer where you can access it quickly), so that once you select the tickets you want, you can enter it quickly.

Tip no. 3:

I knew my preferred date and the kind of tickets I wanted

Even though the information about the kinds of tickets was limited, I did some research and made a definitive decision what date I wanted to go and which tickets I wanted to buy. So, decide: Regular/VIP tickets? Which date? Standing/Seated? What are you willing to spend?  I wrote down my preferred date and tickets on a sticky note and stuck it onto my computer screen (in case I forget because nerves). I stuck to my own plan when I was in the ticket buying process and didn’t start clicking around looking for other options. So my advice is to select the tickets you had in mind and pay right away.

Tip no. 4:

Once I knew my preferred date, I booked our stay at the hotel (before the ticket sale started)

I just went ahead and reserved the hotel before the ticket sale started. I made sure I could cancel for free (should I not get my preferred tickets). Usually hotel prices go up after ticket sales. The hotel I booked went from 100 euros a night to 370 euros a night in a few hours. Also, because I had the hotel booked, for some reason I felt more confident I would get the tickets as well. It felt like the plan was already made.

Tip no. 5:

I listened to my favorite Taylor album while waiting in the queue

My favorite is always different but right now it is of course Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). It helped a lot with my nerves!

Not a tip but a kind request:

Please, only buy the amount of tickets that you need

Please, please, please, don’t buy any more tickets than you actually need. Leave them for the other Swifties that are still patiently waiting in the queue.


To wrap this post up, I wish you all the best. I’m sending ticket dust and sparkles your way and I really hope you win this (actually ridiculous) great war on tickets.






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