The best part of my day

I used to be a fall girl. I loved the shorter days, the rain, the cold breeze, the leaves and the distinct smell in the air. But, I have to admit, I seem to be slowly turning into a summer girl. This weekend we’re supposed to be getting the first real, warm summer days and I have to say, I cannot wait to feel the sunshine on my skin and to breath in the warm summer air. This post is a reminder that every cold and miserable winter is always followed by a beautiful, sunny summer. Life WILL feel lighter once the sun starts shining.

Amos loves flopping on the cold floor underneath the plants

Now, in the mornings I open the door to our conservatory and I just leave it open all day. I feed and free roam my bunnies and check on my seedlings and plants while I have my morning coffee. It really is the best part of my day.

PS. I have some exciting news the share with you (hopefully) soon. It has something to do with long lost (but rediscovered?) dreams…

Now playing: This World Is Our Home – Douwe Bob (omg dutchy country music!)


Sorry not sorry, I’m just fully embracing my geranium-loving-era

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